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Fiddle Leaf Fig Care Card and Bullet Tracker Digital Download

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Our GingerSprout Care Card & Bullet Trackers can be easily reprinted every month from home, as needed!!

The Care Card side:
🌱Shares the specific care needs of your plant
🌱Care tips & tricks

The Bullet Tracker side:
🌱Allows you to color in boxes each day depending on the care to provided to your plant that day based on a key provided!
🌱Great for beginners to help determine what a new plant likes in there specific climate and growing conditions
🌱Helps to identify issues you may be having with your plant. For example, if you notice your plant is drying out faster than usual and is showing sings of being too dry, you may go to your bullet tracker and remember that you recently moved your plant to a new spot in a window getting more light, therefore it will dry out faster and may need water more often!

We will continue to release different Genus and Species Care Cards & Bullet Trackers weekly moving forward!