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TROPIC Like It's Hot Aroid Potting Soil Large Bag

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Our Large Bag Soils are double the amount of soil than in our regular soil bags!

Our 'Tropic Like It's Hot Aroid Soil' is hand mixed by us here at GingerSprout Plant Co. and is a great for aroids, which consist of some of our favorite plant families, such as Philodendron, Anthurium, Monstera, Aglaonema, Pothos, Peace Lily, and ZZ. These plants like a chunky barky soil to allow for optimum air flow to the roots of the plant! This soil will mimic the growing conditions these plants thrive in in nature, think barky like growing up a tree!

This soil mix contains a mix of coir, perlite, bark, and peat moss.

*Each bag contains enough soil for approximately four 4" plants or two 6" plant!*